not enough american Mods on Windows server 3
  • I would like to make a discussion on the mods on windows s3. There are mods that patrol the English chat but not enough. I am Brandon554 on s3 so I know as I play on s3 I also see many of the mods are offline during the time Americans play only one that is normal on is AvaA and she isn't on all the time she has to sleep too. The Portugese mods are lazy and unhelpful completely. You try to get them to do a mod deal but they never do when you need it. I asked for a mod deal many times and have gotten scammed because I couldn't wait. There are too many Brazilian mods and not enoght for the Americans. I would love if someone will look into this
  • Also sia and first but since they are Indian they are not on during the American times :)
  • Virat*
  • Pam is on but never seems to be on during the hours I am unless it is really early :/
  • Marine
    You are trying to say you want to be a mod. Right?
  • He is xD He's hopefully waiting to be one ;)
  • The day Brandon becomes a mod on S3 is the day that server goes to shard.
  • JuliaH finally did something today with her mod powers. I was about to write a review on her for just sitting there and watching everything unfold. I really do not care that she did not warn me though. But there is a sign of hope. Termac made mod, and he is a good one. Sia is still around and yes he is on a lot. Avaa is a good mod, however I hardly see her only in the evening. Ana is a good mod however for no reason she blacklisted me. I had a question for her one time and I went to ask her but could not because I was blocked. Touka was the best mod I have ever seen and her and I went at it a couple of times. I am sure that she wanted to blacklist me, but did not do so until her modship was over. We still need more American mods though. We need a mod who will keep admin up with accurate representation of not only current events, but current events mixed up with history.
  • Julia mods Pt chat not the English ones. People need to remember this.
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