• Ticket #12942 please help
    September 2017
  • Hey Andrew you need to something about Bad Luther on s1 of wild city he is out of control with his muting...I got muted for making a comment to a non mod n didnt get a single warning n got muted
    November 2015
    June 2015
  • MissValerie
    Read Your Message from me its about to become a mod
    June 2015
  • MiqueiasMatos
    Andrew, I'm Wild Android City player in the server 2, and wanted me to apply moderator. I like the game and want to be part of the wild City staff.
    May 2015
  • Samira
    Increase the lvl cap on S3, its boring
    April 2015
  • Samira
    I still waiting for Screenshots to see why you removed me from Mod Job
    April 2015
  • hw Is it that a lvl 17 newbie gets mod but I cant
    April 2015
  • ViRaT
    New update is cool thank u
    April 2015
  • Keep good work up √ From Kirito s3 ^_^
    April 2015
  • Hey Andrew I'm Wanting To Out In s3 Flight Chat Gets Out Of Control And I Have To Contact Br Mod for help , But I Try To Solve The Issue.
    February 2015
  • KieranF
    Hey Team! Glad to be on board :-)
    February 2015
  • ashu
    Hey are you admin ?
    January 2015
  • hey bud can u plz unblock the device of sanjutrip of mafia city game?
    September 2014
  • I also have a question. I have a player in iOS server one that is bein harassed by another player. And he wants me to do something about this guy. Can we only mute for what is said in chat or can we mute for things that are said in email as well?
    July 2014
  • Can you help with my gold issue?
    June 2014
  • How do we ban people? I got some dude threatening non stop in this guys inbox. I muted him and he won't leave this guy alone
    March 2014
    • Andrew
      You can report him to me in-game
      March 2014
  • Jazrock1986
    Andrew bro.. im willing to help out in WC.. im on android.. name ~Death~
    March 2014
  • I'm heeere.. ;)
    February 2014
  • DaRealMYTH
    I'm back ;-)
    February 2014
  • hi andrew, i have an android tablet...runing 4.1.1 i try to download wild city and it says my device is not compatible. can you help
    December 2013
  • How come cant login anymore
    September 2013
  • Andrew approved xiedzc999's membership application.
    Welcome Aboard!
    July 2013
  • Andrew approved pcb's membership application.
    Welcome Aboard!
    July 2013
  • Are you gm?
    May 2013
  • Andrew joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    March 2013

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